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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Carolyn Delores Carlson O'Neall

In memory of my mother Carolyn Delores (Carlson) O'Neall. She was born August 28,1914 and died July 9, 1999. Here is a picture of her as a teenager at Cleveland High School, Seattle in 1929. She had a role in one of the school's plays. She had wanted to be a dancer.

Mom had Multiple sclerosis and was in a wheelchair most of her life. She spent the last 19 years at Judson Park Health Care Center on Marine View Drive in Des Moines, WA. They were wonderful caregivers and loved her.

I have also included a picture of myself with my two daughters, Amy on the left and Monica on the right visiting with Mom on Mother's Day after we had taken her out for lunch. She loved to go out with us 'girls' and had a great sense of humor. We shared a lot of conversations and humor over the years. I miss her!

She told me to tell my friends that "my mom lets me borrow her silver Rolls-Royce with baby blue upholstery, it gets great mileage!" She had a silver Rolls-Royce wheelchair with baby blue upholstery.

I wrote this poem for my mother in September 1997.


She's had her share of skinned up knees,
Reminders to children of "Eat your peas!"
Everyday, every week, every month, every year,
Tender mother I love.

Scrubbing, polishing , dusting and such,
Making things sparkle and nice to touch!
Cleaning the house, she taught me well,
Tidy mother I love.

Peaches with syrup, in a jar piled high,
Dill pickles with garlic, not the kind you can buy!
Toiling each summer to put up a good store,
Hard working mother I love.

Agitating to a beat, the wringer type machine,
Washes whites, then coloreds until they are clean.
Put clothes through the wringer, rinse and repeat,
Spotless mother I love.

You reside in my heart in a special place,
My thoughts caress your precious face,
My memory cradles the lessons you taught,
Loving mother I love.

Thoughtful and tender, thank God that you cared,
The knowledge of Jesus, our Saviour, you shared,
Protective, loving and always there,
Faithful mother I love.

Struck with M.S. in the prime of your life,
Still struggled to be a good mother and wife,
Gave so much and received so little,
Precious mother I love.


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