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Thursday, September 08, 2005

My Grandchildren


Here are three of our grandchildren, Beau, the big brother with his sister Ashley and brother Austin (twins). They live in San Diego.

Beau is now 10 and in the fifth grade. He is a great student, gets good grades in school and is interested in so many things He is quite the conversationalist and we have had long discussions about his school and friends, where I live and what my house looks like (every room), how many books he's read and which ones he liked the best, his favorite foods and a hundred other subjects.

Beau recently started piano lessons. After the initial class he asked the teacher "So, how will this benefit my future?" The teacher answered that aside from being able to play an instrument, which a lot of people can't do, it has been proven that learning music helps you in many other areas of learning. Beau responded "That's good enough for me!" He's an intelligent and fun boy.

Ashley loves anything girly. Austin played T-ball this year and loved it. Ashley and Austin are 6 and in the first grade this year. Being twins they are very close to each other but their personalities are very individual and unique. I can barely remember when I was in first grade, it can be traumatic for some children being away from the security of home and parents for the first time.

They have three dogs, the oldest is Sammy a black Lab. She has grey hair on her muzzle and the ever-present ball is never far away (as in the picure above). Her favorite game is running to get the ball and bringing it back to you to throw again. Zeuss and Indy came from an animal rescue organization. Zeuss is a black Lab and Indy is a Rotweiller. They are wonderful dogs and great pets. The kids love playing with them and the whole family is very loving and responsible. They take very good care of their animals.

Beau, Ashley and Austin are anxious to have their new home finished. They are in the process of building now. What fun to have new rooms to look forward to!

They have a great mom and dad who spend a lot of time with them.


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