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Thursday, October 06, 2005

More Grandchildren

Emma and Aidan are the children of our youngest daughter, Amy and her husband Doyle. Here are some recent photos of them. Emma is a wonderful little talker. She can carry on an interesting conversation and has a bright and happy personality. Aidan is 'all boy', rough and tumble and 'no fear'.

They are such fun and loving children. Emma is a good big sister to Aidan, she is very patient with him and thinks he's adorable.

I asked Emma how she liked kindergarten and she told me she was really having a good time and had four friends already. She told me she is learning about the weather, numbers and time. I asked her if she attended a.m. or p.m. kindergarten. Her reply was "I go in the p.m. from 8:30 to 11:00. :-)

Aidan misses her now that she's gone all morning, he vigorously hugs and kisses her when she gets home and is soooo happy to see her. They're normal kids in every way, he yells and she gets exasperated with him.

Emma likes her 'play dates' with friends, they take turns playing at each other's homes. Games, dress-up and snacks. Aidan, as you can see in the picture above, is all gusto. He isn't afraid of the water at all. He'll come up coughing and gagging with a big smile on his face and immediately says "do it again!", climbs to the top and jumps in again. Emma doesn't like the water in her face at all.

They are such a blessing in our life. We see so much of our children in them.


Anonymous DlebrtStrngr said...


After reading your last comment, to my discourse and review of your (first?,,) attempt to writng a song.
I punched up your bio and it led me here. I must say, some very interesting stuff. Of the pictorial presentations of your family they are all most attractive.
As I read, it was easy to sense the drive that you put into learning to do something well, when it is of your mind to accomplish; I'm sure you'll be writing some beautiful works before long.
I look forward to reading them.
You said that you take criticism well, thats an admirable trait; also very handy when in the songwriting game.
But back to your site here, you've done some very nice work. An excellant start.

Dlebrtstrngr:aka Greg Zavala

8:58 PM  

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