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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Marta Rescues Baby Squirrels, 2004

Me holding the babies. Below, being fed by Marta and a custodian, everyone wanted a turn!

Here are pictures of baby squirrels rescued by the Grounds department at the school district where I work. Three were rescued. The mother had either rejected them, was killed, or they fell from the nest and were abandoned. I appreciate the efforts of Marta, Lead Grounds person, she took them in, provided a home in the form of a large cardboard box, complete with shredded paper for burrowing and a section of evergreen bough to make them feel at home.

The 'babies' were fed formula, from a small infant animal bottle, several times a day. They had no problem eating and grew at a normal rate. They quickly became socialized and enjoyed the attention and being handled. There was no shortage of attention once the word spread of their presence in the building.

They eventually began eating regular food and I discovered they absolutely loved fresh bananas and would crawl over each other, vying for position, to get their share, or more!

I had the great pleasure of holding two of them and will never forget the extremely soft, velvety fur and large, soft, eyes. They were bundles of energy and curiosity and like all squirrels, had no fear of heights and would crawl on top of your head if you let them.

When they reached a good level of maturity, Marta relinguished them to a friend who had some property where they could be released and be relatively safe. They were rambunctious teenagers and adapted well to their new surroundings.

Im thankful to Marta for having such a tender, loving and compassinate heart. She has rescued other citters in the past and it is always fun and interesting to see them and experience something a lot of people never do. Thanks Marta!


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