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I have a Certified Artist/Teacher degree with the National Society of Decorative Painters. Taught decorative painting, color theory, calligraphy and other art related classes for 12 years. I enjoy using my artistic talents, especially to update furniture and repurpose found items. I am married to the world's most wonderful husband. We celebrated our 48th anniversary this year (2016). We have raised six children, three boys, three girls. Have 10 grandchildren. Through the NSDP I have paintings in the White House, Blaire House and Smithsonian Institute. I was given the honor of being the Chair of the Pacific NW, "Breeze and Brush" Decorative Painting Convention. What fun we had! I like keeping healthy and enjoy life. I love humor and people. God has been good to me!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Will You?

My Maternal Grandparents, August Robert Carlson and Nora Marie (Wold) Carlson, Circa 1910

June 7, 1968, our wedding day, Donald Wyman Glitschka and Carol Jean (O'Neall) Glitschka

My parents William Charles 'Chick' O'Neall and Carolyn Delores (Carlson) O'Neall

Top picture is my Maternal Grandmother and Grandfather, Nora and August Carlson. Middle is a wedding picture of Don and I, taken in the car before leaving for the reception. Bottom picture is my father and mother, William Charles 'Chick' and Carolyn (nee Carlson) O'Neall dressed to attend the Jockey's Ball. Dad was a sports announcer, called the horse races at Longacres Race Track, Renton, WA, Playfair in Spokane, WA, Yakima Meadows, Yakima, WA, Caliente, CA and other places.

My mother lost her mother when she was a year and a half old. My mother and her sister were in a separate room, with the door closed. Their mother, Nora, was boiling clothes on the gas range, the boiling water put out the flame and she was asphyxiated. That was before natural gas had an odor added to it to warn people. Her father died when she was 13. She and her sister, Trudy, were raised by their Aunt Caroline.

Will You?
By Carol Glitschka 11/16/05

Will you take this hand of mine
Hold it gently through the years
Will you share this life I live
Softly wipe away my tears?

Love, will you lay beside me
So I’ll always know you’re there
Will I find your arms around me
Always showing that you care?

Will you pledge your love forever
Not forget the promise made
Stand by me, still feeling proud
When my beauty starts to fade?

I will place my hand in yours
Leave it there through all the years
I will share my life with you
Softly kiss away your tears

I will gladly lay beside you
You will always know I’m there
I will wrap my arms around you
This heart of mine will always care

I will pledge my love forever
No matter dear how long we live
I will proudly stand beside you
My heart, my soul, my life to give

I will pledge my love forever
My heart, my soul, my life to give


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