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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Beauty In The Garden 2008

Early in the year, sometimes as soon as February, the Crocus push their way up and out of their winter bed and smile at the sky.  I love to see the appearance each year of my Crocus, it tells me that spring is right around the corner and the daffodils, tulips and Ajuga will be blooming soon.

Soon my tulips are pushing through the soil, with their lovely green leaves and long stems standing at attention.  The flowers soon open with the help of the sunlight and nod in the gentle breeze.  A beautiful carpet of Periwinkle Blue Ajuga stocks covers the flower bed,  a sight to behold.

And Sean is ready with his shovel to plant, transplant and weed.  A gift from my daughter Amy and grandchildren Emma and Aidan.

Soon the Lilac tree in back is budding and the buds turn into large clumps of gorgeous, fragrant Lilacs.  The Lilacs only last a few weeks, especially when we have spring showers.  I take full advantage of the season and have bouquets of fresh Lilac in the house the whole time.

There isn't an air freshener on the market that can take the place of a large bouquet of Lilacs.  The fragrance is wonderful but the beauty of the flowers is calming as well.

For our dog Betsy, nothing is more relaxing than being able to lay on the grass in the warm sun.

I don't cut the leaves back in the fall on my Sword Fern.  During the summer they change from yellow-green to medium green and then to a dark green.  They stay green all winter and are so nice to have in the garden.  It is important, in the spring, to know when to cut them back so I check the base of the leaves almost every day.  At the base, new fronds are forming, all closed up like the fingers on a fist.  I cut the old leaves before the fronds start unfurling.  Then it is so much fun to watch the new growth open up and stretch into beautiful new, fresh, yellow-green foliage.

The ferns are unfurled and growing and Blue is checking to see if I remembered to change the water in the birdbath.  He gets several drinks a day and loves to curl up between the birdbath and ferns to nap and watch the birds and squirrels.  He has given up thinking he can catch them.  The squirrels are so used to him they ignore him.

Another of my favorites, the Licorice Fern, or Black Fern.  The stems are black and the fern is delicate and lacy.  It is in the perfect location where it has enough light but is also protected from the wind.  It has to be cut to the ground in late fall, but come spring it pops back up again to keep us company.
This is Mylo, one of our buddies.  He is a very loving and laid-back guy.  He is between the Ivy and the California Lilies, one of his favorite spots.  It is nice and cool on warm days and out of the way where no one can bother him.

Mr Frog plays his French horn by my giant Hosta.  The Hosta has beautiful light lavender blossoms.  Sometimes it grows so big it covers Mr. Frog and I have to rescue him.  He inspired a poem, can't remember if I posted it in my blog, I'll have to look.  If not, I may come back and post it here.

I found the poem that I wrote in 2006 here it is:

Play Your French Horn Froggy

Relaxing in the garden
Early in the morn
Froggy by the Hosta
Tooting on his horn.

Work, or stay and listen
Decision leaves me torn
He sits, as the leaves
His little head adorn.

Lovely garden music
I could never stay forlorn
Froggy's played his tunes
Since the day that he was born.

As spring passes into summer the plants begin to mature and together they paint a beautiful picture that is soothing and calming to the eye.  On the fence next to thermometer is a squirrel feeder.  I am so glad we started feeding the squirrels, they have been such a joy.  I have heard from so many people what a pest they are.  I don't view them as a pest, they are so much fun to have around and are so smart and inventive.  It is a commitment on your part if you feed squirrels and birds, you have to remember to fill the feeders regularly and keep them clean.  It isn't fair to start and then stop, they depend on you.

Here is one of my squirky friends.  They are a constant source of smiles, laughs and entertainment, and yes - I know it's a bird feeder!  The squirrels and birds have worked out a good arrangement, they get along just fine.  If the squirrel is on the feeder it usually knocks plenty of food onto the grass for the birds.  When the birds are on the feeder the squirrels feed on the ground.

Any position will do as long as he can eat at the same time.  We have since added another feeder next to this one, it has a slanted roof that the squirrels can grasp at the top with their back feet.  They hang down from the roof and are just the right length to be right next to the seed tray.  You can't beat that!

Of course, if you become friends with the 'squirrel feeder filler' you get special attention.  This is my friend "Buddy".  The first time I offered him a peanut I thought his neck was going to snap he held it out so far and his little eyes were so squinted he could hardly see, he was so afraid of me. But he gingerly, and very quickly, took the peanut and ran.  After a few months he knew I wouldn't hurt him.

Now he climbs up onto the top of the bird feeder to look into the window and almost waves to me to let me know he's there.  He loves apple slices with peanut butter.  I feel so privileged to have his friendship.



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