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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jumpers and tight pants for Pullip Dolls

Granddaughter, Savannah, informed me that there was a new pattern on You Tube; How to make doll outfit 3 - overall/jumper.

So I viewed the video and took notes and also found another one for a t-shirt, that had a pattern you can download. These tutorials are done by a young Chinese lady who loves Pullip dolls. Her You Tube name is yuniedhc.

You can find tutorials for the following: Maxi dress, bubble skirt, tight pants, coat, round dress, top to go with the bubble skirt and by making the tight pants shorter you can also have capris. Her tutorial videos are great and short. I typed the notes and drew pictures for each step and keep them in a three ring binder for future use.

Here are three of the overall/jumper pants and one pair of tight pants.

It takes so very little material to make these outfits that I have bought small ends of material or used garments we no longer need. I also go to the local thrift shop, Goodwill, and buy infant and children's garments that are in good condition.

The material should be light weight with a little stretch to it. The tight pants especially, should be spandex or a very stretchy cotton knit.

The overall/jumper is only six inches from top to bottom, so it takes very little material.

This pair is made from a plaid shirt I got at the thrift store, the front is made from an old blouse.

The grey pair is actually made from material I purchased at a fabric store. It is a very light weight cotton/polyester.

I bought the metal studs at the local craft store, they were originally gold but you can spray them with Krylon paint. These were sprayed with "hammered Iron" that I had on hand from spraying some metal drawer pulls

Push the points of the studs into a piece of styrofoam and spray. Let them dry completely. To add them to the material, push the points into the material and
then cover the top with a small piece of soft, thick material and squeeze them
with a pair of pliers to set them.

You can add small buttons or a belt if you choose, dress them up to your style.

Now this material has been around our house for years, tucked away in with my remnants. It is a light weight flannel and I used it, along with padding, to line the bottom of some small wooden boxes that I painted for gifts for the groomsmen at our son's wedding.

The top of the boxes slid to the side and I painted a Mallard duck on top, the colors matched the fabric. This was perfect material for the overalls. You can buy a small packet of miniature buttons at the craft store.

These are the tight pants made from stretchy, cotton knit. It has to have a pretty good deal of stretch in order to fit over the hips. Depending on the length (her pattern is full length, down to the ankles) they could be long, capri or shorts. Just leave enough for a hem.

These were made from a baby's stretch pants, probably a 1 year size, I was able to make six pair from the material.

Very tiny, these are 4 1/2 inches long. A pencil will fit in the leg.

If you know of anyone who had Pullip dolls (from Korea) tell them about these patterns. They're expensive to buy ready made.

Even buying the material in a fabric store it's inexpensive. Just your time!


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