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Monday, August 23, 2010

Camping Donuts

Our granddaughters, Savannah and Alyssa, making 'camping donuts' in our kitchen.

Savannah has on her camouflage outfit, she was going with her family to her dad's friend's house for a paint ball shooting day.

I had told the girls about the times we had made 'camping donuts' when our kids were young and we were camping.

Savannah and Alyssa's dad is our youngest son, Von.

The girls had always wanted to make the 'camping donuts' so they emailed me ahead of their arrival and I had all of the items ready for the project.

The only difference, and it's a big one, is that we weren't camping, weren't in the great 'out-of-doors'' doing this with a 'Camping Donut Kit'.

I'll give you instructions on how to put the kit together to take camping with you. You can use
it over and over again. Kids love it!!!

Here are the finished 'Camping Donuts'. They are delicious and the kids ate them faster than I could make them when we were at the campsite.

Here's how you prepare a 'Camping Donut Kit'.

You'll need a 3 lb. and a 1 lb. coffee can, both empty, save the lids, you'll reuse them over and over again. You'll also need tongs to remove the hot donuts.

You'll need some chicken wire, enough that when crunched up will fit in the bottom of the 3 lb. coffee can from side to side and an inch high.
Charcoal briquettes, bbq lighter fluid, matches, a can punch, and the 1 lb. coffee can filled to within an inch and a half of the top with vegetable shortening.

Punch four holes, evenly spaced, in the sides, at the bottom, of the 3 lb. can. These are for air distribution.

Crunch up the chicken wire so it fits the width of the 3 lb. can and is about an inch high. Place in the bottom of the can. Put a box of matches inside and put the lid on the can. Keep, along with a bag of briquettes, in with the camping gear. I put a note on the outside of the can to not forget the shortening can.

Fill the 1 lb. can with shortening to within an inch and a half of the top and put the lid on. Keep refrigerated until it is time to go camping.

You will need several tubes of inexpensive country biscuits. Keep in your cooler. A paper bag with a 2 cups of sugar and 2 tablespoons of cinnamon.

At the campsite, when you are ready for donuts; choose a safe place, an open area with dirt or a flat rock. Take the lids off the cans and save them. Put some briquettes on top of the chicken wire in the 3 lb. can, sprinkle with bbq lighter fluid, light and wait until they are glowing and ashy.

Place the 1 lb. can of shortening on top of the hot briquettes inside the 3 lb. coffee can. Let the vegetable shortening melt and become hot and bubbly, this will take about a half hour to 40 minutes. While the shortening is heating, open several tubes of biscuits and cut each biscuit in fourths.

When the shortening is hot and bubbly, carefully drop the cut biscuit pieces into the hot fat, about five or six at a time. Turn with a metal slotted spoon or the tongs and fry until they are golden brown and puffy. Remove with the tongs, put into the bag with the cinnamon and sugar, shake and remove to a plate. Continue for as long as you like, or until you run out of biscuits.

Carefully remove the shortening can from the 3 lb. can using oven mitts and the tongs, place on dirt or a rock to cool. Cover when completely cool.

Empty the charcoal briquettes into the campfire pit, or if you will be leaving, douse with water to be sure they are completely out. Let the 3 lb. can cool and put the 1 lb. can inside of it and put on the lid. Enjoy!! They're also fun to make at home using the deep fat fryer. You can also use a small cutter to cut holes in each of the biscuits. Then you will have regular donuts and donut holes. Refrigerate the shortening when you get home. The shortening can be used up to ten times without replacing.



Anonymous Beth said...

I like the donuts. What a wonderful day to read an article on about camping food. i love it and would definitely follow the tips here. I guess camping should be my next plan.

9:07 PM  
Blogger Poetessa said...

I've ignored my blog for quite a while. Thank you for your comment Beth.

I've shared this with so many people over the years because our family had so much fun making them. Now our grandchildren are enjoying them too.

Be sure to make them outside when camping, it's just not the same inside, in the kitchen, lol! We need to go camping some time this summer too, haven't been in years!

12:19 AM  

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