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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Cat Kirby

This is one of our cats, Kirby. He is a little over three years old now. I rescued him from the Animal Shelter after seeing him at Pet Smart. He was so afraid. His mother and three siblings had already been euthanized. I'm so glad we found him in time. What a blessing he has been in our lives.

Kirby hid most of the time when we first brought him home, either under the bed or burrowed under the bedspread on top of the bed. Once I couldn't find him and he had crawled into the pillow case and was nestled between the pillow and the case, looking out through a small gap in the end.

Poor baby. I have no idea what he went through as a kitten, but he doesn't stay around when someone new comes into the house, he hides. He doesn't like to be picked up but he will jump up onto the couch and lie down next to me when I'm watching television. He likes to be petted and groomed and he is a real talker. He is very vocal in the mornings especially.

In this picture, he was sitting on a chair next to me, in our home office, while I worked on the computer. It was his third day at our house and he was just starting to adjust to the routine. It was getting late and I'm sure he was wondering why I wasn't in bed.

He would give me the cutest looks, like the one in the picture. His eyes have such an inquiring look in them, like he's saying...."Are you almost done?" As I write this, Kirby is rubbing against my legs and talking to me, it's almost midnight and he is wondering when I'm coming to bed, so he can settle down, on his fleece blanket, at my feet and go to sleep.

Kirby is a messy eater, he scatters his dry food in a three foot radius around his bowl. I was cleaning it up this morning and was inspired to write a poem. Here it is!

Kirby Loves To Share
By Carol Glitschka

Our boy cat, Kirby, loves to share
I find his cat food everywhere
On the furniture, stuck to the wall
Scattered on the carpet
halfway down the hall

Floating in his water bowl
What a sweet and gentle soul
Such a good and loving cat
To generously share his
Food like that!



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