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Monday, September 12, 2011

Pullip Doll Hats

I have always enjoyed crocheting, knitting, sewing and other productive hobbies, especially things that I can be doing at the end of the day while watching t.v., then I don't feel like I'm wasting my time.

So it wasn't hard to start designing and crocheting hats for our granddaughter's Pullip dolls. The dolls are so beautiful, they are Asian, ball-jointed dolls. All of the parts bend and they can be positioned so many different ways. Their eyes can be turned from side to side or closed and our granddaughters love them. I'm proud to say that they also have earned the money to buy them, they're expensive. Wish I had owned one as a young girl.

Here are some pictures to give you an idea of the variety and colors of the hats I've finished and what the dolls look like. Whenever the girls come to visit, the dolls do too.

Here is what we experience with each visit. We find the 'guys and gals' here and there throughout the house.

The girls have both boy and girl dolls. Here are two of the guys and two girls, hanging out on the love seat in the living room. I think they're resting by the looks of them. My yarn is soft and comfortable, good spot for a nap. Violetta, on the right is wearing one of my creations, the yellow hat with a daisy on top, you can see the top in the pictures below.

I'm sitting on the love seat, my favorite crocheting location. You can see the hats in the storage box on the floor to my right. I'm getting an inventory ready to sell on the internet. I just finished the hat on my knee, using a yarn I've never crocheted with before; it's like a sturdy thread with eyelashes attached, lol I have to say that I love the outcome. The hat is fuzzy and oh so soft!! It reminds me of a Sea Urchin, the shape and colors.

I love this combination of rose and white. I crocheted a small rose and some green leaves and sewed them on the top, it's very feminine looking.

Celsley is wearing the soft pink hat with the silver heart charm

And here's the boy doll, in our Ivy out back, wearing the aviator hat I crocheted using a soft cocoa brown. (Sorry Savannah and Emma, I can't remember your boy doll's names, except for Kyo, and I don't think this is him)

This is Claire modeling the beautiful blue hat with the silver trim along the brim and the seashell charm

Lily looks adorable n her new pumpkin hat

Lily tried on a lot of hats for me while she was visiting, this is a multi-colored, bright hat

I had to take advantage of the dolls being there for a visit since I don't have any of my own to take pictures with. Lily also liked this turquoise, lavender, beige and green hat with the pom pom on top

Claire, wearing the heather grey business hat

Claire wearing the lavender tweed hat with a pom pom. The yarn is from Turkey and is very soft.

Claire modeling the soft lavender hat with the silver heart charm

A favorite, the apple hat, fun to make!

The apple hat from the top. A nice picture of my toes too!

The 'Daisy' hat from the front

The top of the Daisy hat

A yarn pattern called 'Ombre', nice for fall; variegated browns. I found some nice brown ceramic beads. I sew two, separated by amber glass beads, on each hat

This is called a "Little Pullip', much smaller than the standard dolls. I had left over yarn so I made a little hat for her, it's a bit big but after the girls had gone home I made a few more and they will fit much better. Our granddaughters also like working with Polymer clay and I spent some time with Savannah making the items in the picture; a christmas cake, chocolate truffle on a plate, a plate of grapes, an ice cream bar partially eaten and a cupcake. It is so much fun and only takes 20 minutes to bake. Check out some of the Polymer Clay tutorials on the internet.

Our granddaughter Emma and grandson Aidan came a day earlier than their cousins, so Emma set up this display using her dolls, doll clothes and hats and wrote "Welcome".

The doll heads are a lot bigger than their bodies, the bodies are smaller than a Barbie doll. The hats measure 3 1/4" from brim to top and 10" in circumference. They're fun to make and soon I hope to be selling them on Etsy. More to come! Thanks for viewing.


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