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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Hot From The Oven

I've always wanted to put these together but had never taken a picture of my cinnamon rolls until now.  Love digital photography!!  I did the painting in 1978, it was done with oils on masonite and still hangs in my dining room.  It is a constant reminder of all the times I have made cinnamon rolls.

The cinnamon rolls were made in October 2008 only I didn't have to sign or date them, they didn't last long enough. :-)  We were having a new furnace installed the next day so I made a batch large enough to share with the installers and I also took some to our neighbors across the street as a thank you for loaning us their electric heater.
I love baking cinnamon rolls, the wonderful aroma of yeast bread and cinnamon, the pleasure of having something warm straight from the oven; and in this situation, without a furnace, it kept the kitchen and dining room toasty for a while.

The poem I wrote in November of 2005.  It only took me thirty years to get the painting, cinnamon roll pictures and poem together; Now I'm satisfied!

Baking Time

The coffee is perking gently in the pot
The oven is on and getting hot
The counters are clean for the fun to begin
And I'm still searching for the rolling pin.

Before I mix I must grease the pans
It's hard to do later, with dough on your hands.
Pre-heating the oven is always wise
The heat it exudes helps the dough rise.

Bowls for mixing, cups to measure
Some used for years, a real baker's treasure
The big wooden spoon looks old and beat
It's had years of experience at mixing each treat.

A most wonderful aroma begins to lurk
The dough is covered and the yeast is at work
Punch down and knead gently, form into rolls
Add butter, sugar, cinnamon; line them in rows.

Into the oven slide the dough-laden pans
A masterpiece from the baker's hands
A pinch of salt, powdered sugar and heavy cream
Add a spoonful of vanilla for glaze that's supreme.

Pour a fresh cup of coffee or a tall glass of cold milk
The rolls set before you have a texture like silk
With butter and smiles the rolls they consume
Just a hint of cinnamon is left in the room.



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