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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Scandinavian what?

Does anyone know where this came from?  I assume it is Scandinavian in design.  I am curious about the construction and what it's use might have been.  if you know, please post a comment.  I have named him Gunnar and he graces my kitchen counter where I can enjoy seeing him every day.

I purchased this little gem at a local thrift shop for next to nothing, just because I liked it.  Whoever painted it had fun, they didn't care if the dots were even or evenly spaced or all the same size or it was a production piece that was just whipped out to keep up with the quota, whatever - I think it's great!

Being a painter, I've painted on just about every type of surface and object; canvas, masonite, matte board, wood, boxes, plates, saw blades, wooden animals, you name it.  I am not what I consider a 'loose' painter, I am very methodical and neat.  Maybe that's what I like about the painting on this horse, it is free and flowing and it gives the eye even more to look at.  Because even though parts of the design are all the same, each one is a little different.

It is made from wood and there is a small rise, as you can see, on the saddle.  The wheels actually turn and the axles are small square pieces of wood that have been glued and nailed to the underside.

The painted design extends over the rump and a black tail has been painted.  Slightly down from the rise of the saddle you can see a small spot on the white portion, this is a nail that enables the top of the horse to swivel open.

I took this picture so you could see the small metal hook that hangs down from the bottom of the neck and attaches to a small nail that protrudes from the lower portion.

Here is an overhead view of the inside of the horse, with a round hole in front that is 7/8 ths of an inch in diameter and 7/8 ths inch deep.  There is a rectangular area that is 1"X2" and 5/8 ths inches deep.  It was carved with a hand-held drill, there are small bit holes, one at the bottom of the circle and two at the base of the rectangle about 7/8 ths inch apart.

The horse is white and the decorative painting is done in red, black, green and white, with gold for the halter, harness, wheel spokes and around the saddle and blanket.

The horse is aged and dirty and I wouldn't think of cleaning it, that's part of the charm.  There are no identification marks to be found anywhere.  The wood both on the axles and underside of the bottom and also the underside of the top portion are rough, with ridges.

I don't believe it is an antique and probably not very old.  I would just like to know what it was used for and is it Swedish,Norwegian, Finnish, Danish?  Do you know?

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the wooden horse looks nice!

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