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Monday, September 12, 2011

Living with Pullip Dolls

Our eleven year old granddaughter, Emma, was here for a visit and to spend time with her cousins who were coming from Oregon. While she was waiting for them to arrive she borrowed my digital camera, took her dolls out to the patio and took this series of pictures. I love her imagination and creativity. Her cousin Savannah has the same talents.

Sorry Emma, can't remember your dolls names, so for the story I'll use our names and yours, lol

So, here's Don, he's going to teach Carol how to use a skateboard.

Carol brought along her skate board, she looks a little apprehensive

Don says not to worry, just position your feet like this after you push off

Carol's first try isn't very successful and she winds up laying face down on the patio

"Well, that wasn't very graceful was it?" Don helps her to her feet

He comforts her and convinces her to try again, "It just takes time" he says

Emma doesn't seem to be having any difficulty at all getting used to her skateboard

In fact, she's darn good at it and does a little showing off

Don gives her a big hug for being so successful

They all lay down on the soft grass in the shade and rest after their skateboard session

This is just one of many picture stories my granddaughters have created, it always puts a big smile on our face and a lot of warmth in our heart!

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Beautiful post regarding Pullip doll. I love your posted images and all reviews. I also collected this charming Pullip doll at PIJ. I am really happy to see this doll here :D

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