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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Crocheted Hats & Purses, October 2011

I've been crocheting small hats for my granddaughter's Pullip dolls (Asian, ball-jointed dolls, beautiful creatures!) Our church is having a Christmas bazaar in early December so I've been crocheting adult, child, toddler and baby hats non-stop for two months and still going. Here, our lovely granddaughter, Emma, is modeling what I call my 'cotton candy' hat with a rose. She looks good in pink!!

I found a good source for styrofoam heads to display my hats during the sale, this is a ladies head hugger

Another granddaughter, Alyssa, requested this slouchy, three colored, hat. I liked it so well I also made one for the sale. Thanks Alyssa!

This lavender and grey head hugger is so soft and comfortable

My 'Apple hat', being displayed on my newly arrived styrofoam head, this one is faceless, lol. Funny how they have all kinds of styrofoam heads for adults, mostly women. Men styrofoam heads are few and expensive and I could find none for children, toddlers or babies. I check the thrift stores for other things I can use instead, like teddy bears etc.
Here's Emma modeling a turquoise slouchy hat

The slouchy hat can also be positioned as a beret

Emma in a multi-colored rolled brim hat, it can be position several different ways

A basic black head hugger with a shell brim, rolled up

Grey, lavender and pink head hugger with brim rolled up

Pink head hugger with the shell brim

Grey and pink slouchy hat

A harvest gold and brown net hat with a pom pom

I was experimenting with this mixed yarn combination of off white and sport weight brown, decided to make a side flap too and finish it with an engraved medallion

The combo, side flap hat from the front

One of my Panda hats. These cost more, they're so labor intensive, ten separate pieces to crochet and sew together aside from the hat itself.

I love the frog hats. I make them a little longer so the brim can be rolled up, then a child can wear them longer

I love shopping in thrift stores. Stopped in at our local Goodwill looking for props to display my hats, was in the housewares section where I found a beautiful glass circle on a pedestal, turned out to be a candle holder from Party Lite (perfect for holding a styrofoam head). I bent down to inspect something on the second shelf and came eye to eye with the bear in the picture, I just couldn't resist, he came to live with us. I have also wanted to crochet hats for dolls and found the little guy in the picture, bare naked, sitting amongst the children's toys. He was absolutely perfect and what a cute little baby body he has. So I named them Will (bear) and Wyman (husbands middle name) They make a great pair and have been sharing a blanket and company on the end of the love seat ever since, until I can find some clothes for Wyman. They're wearing hats for the sale and will model them when the time comes.

A front view of the harvest gold and brown hat

Beautiful, burgundy, head hugger with a shell brim

A combinations of off white and beige with a gold fleck, looked very 'Holidayish' so I added two gold stars to the front
(the stars can be removed for washing)

A pretty Teal blue head hugger, one of my favorite colors

A very soft, oatmeal shade, slouchy hat that can be positioned in numerous ways

A pretty soft grey yarn with a slight shine here and there, slouchy hat

Same grey slouchy positioned in back

Same grey slouchy as a beret, you could pin a favorite brooch to the front also

Another combo of off white and blue green in a head hugger style

Off white and gold combination, rolled brim

An orangey red with gold flecks, done in a chunky yarn, very soft and warm. The brim can be worn up or down

Hope you can see this, it's camouflage, lol A newsboy hat, with a slouch top and reinforced brim in front, this is a child size

The camouflage from the side

I added 'purses' to the title of this post, and yes, I did make a couple, have more to come. These are a woman's clutch with a shell flap and crocheted button for closure. I really like the design. I plan on making more in other colors and also black and white. I'll be making some small purses for little girls too.

It doesn't take a lot of room to crochet hats, I sit on the love seat in the living room, Mylo keeps me company as you can see. But I wouldn't be able to crochet, especially at night on dark colors, without my Ott light, pictured on the table. It's a high density light, you can buy them at fabric stores....wow, what a great thing it is!! More to come!!


Blogger Comfy & Trendy said...

Love your hats! Please let me know where did you get those great head display (styrofoam?). Thanks!!!

10:16 AM  
Blogger Comfy & Trendy said...

love your hats!
Can you reveal the source of these wonderful head displays (styrofoam?)?
Thanks a lot!!!

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry it took me so long to reply. I bought the styrofoam heads at our local thrift store "Value Village', they had them available around Halloween. You can also buy them online, I got some of them on eBay.

The thrift store was less expensive and no shipping. I paid $2.50 ea for them.

8:41 PM  

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