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I have a Certified Artist/Teacher degree with the National Society of Decorative Painters. Taught decorative painting, color theory, calligraphy and other art related classes for 12 years. I enjoy using my artistic talents, especially to update furniture and repurpose found items. I am married to the world's most wonderful husband. We celebrated our 48th anniversary this year (2016). We have raised six children, three boys, three girls. Have 10 grandchildren. Through the NSDP I have paintings in the White House, Blaire House and Smithsonian Institute. I was given the honor of being the Chair of the Pacific NW, "Breeze and Brush" Decorative Painting Convention. What fun we had! I like keeping healthy and enjoy life. I love humor and people. God has been good to me!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Summer Yearning


I'm wishing the summer warmth had stayed just a little longer. Fall is a beautiful time of the year so I thought I would combine the two, my fall painting and my poem 'Summer Yearning'.

The colors are so beautiful this time of the year and Thanksgiving will be here soon. I'm thankful that God has blessed me with family and friends and a beautiful world to live in.

Have wonderful holidays, enjoy!


Give me now a mountain stream.
A bed of pebbles mottled and smooth
And looming stately at its head,
Snow capped mountains tall.

Meandering through a valley lush,
Constant, unhurried and quiet.
Waterbugs dance upon it’s stage,
As leaf boats float and swirl.

Minnows flit in the clear fresh flow,
Swimming to music unheard.
Frog tongues catch an insect,
And croak a happy response.

Vibrant carpets on the bank,
Grass and flowers nodding assent.
An invitation for rest or play,
A welcome mat for all who pass.

Deer, squirrel, skunk, raccoon,
Familiar with it’s traveled path,
Dependent on it’s life giving gift.
Within their orderly world.

Birds raise their young and sing,
In the arms of leafy boughs,
That bend and sway in gratefulness
For calming mountain streams.